Originally born in Montreal, painter and mixed-media artist Aram Amini began her career in New York City, and has since established herself in Austin, Texas, where she currently works and resides. Her mixed-media work utilizes unique textures and materials, including fine jewelry embedded under resin.

As a first-generation Iranian-American and the daughter of a jewelry designer, much of Amini’s inspiration stems from the portrayal of women under various social and political landscapes, as well as fashion, drawing from fabrics, textiles, decorative metals and patterns throughout generational and cultural movements.

Amini has sold works to multiple private collectors, has exhibited her work at unique pop-up shows and galleries, and will be participating in this year’s Art Expo New York.

“My work, especially in referencing the use of unique materials and subjects, is heavily influenced by my background as a first-generation Iranian-American. The inspiration of my painted subjects stems from the historical backdrop of empowered women through fashion and cultural movements, and represents resilience, freedom and self-actualization. Creating art is not only something that has been a passion since childhood, but it is also a comment on personal appreciation and progression. Taking into consideration the stance of Iranian women today– how they are governed to hide their beauty and put extensive limitations on style – I embrace the beauty of women within my own artwork and explore how they openly play an essential role in fashion as an artform.

As the daughter of a jewelry designer, I am drawn to examine the use of unconventional material, form, shape, space and precision of technique. Within my work, one can find embedded Swarovski crystals, gems and fine jewelry designed by my father. My art is also constantly influenced by the artists around me, their stories and my shift of perspective in viewing their work.

My work is autobiographical, but channels the women of my own cultural background. The expression within my work is an ode to all who have influenced me and those who continue to today.”


For commissions and other inquiries, send an email to aram@aram.gallery