Born in Montreal, raised in New York and currently based in Austin, Texas, Aram has had a passion for art as far back as she can remember. Her father, a jewelry designer, always encouraged her to delve into her artistic side. Various hometowns, paces of life, and experiences have molded her into the artist she is today, and she's now turning her inspirations into her own business. Her art consists primarily of acrylics on canvas, but she is constantly exploring new mediums and styles to incorporate into her work. 

"I find my production comes in waves. I like to maintain a personal project in parallel with whatever series I'm working on. Currently, it's studying the the lives and works of historic artists and producing a small token with my own twist for each.

I also tend to get lost exploring other peoples works, looking at their studios, and picturing how they work in that space. I take a little piece of every artist I study with me, and try to bring it into my own work, in my own way.

Everyone has a release, painting has become mine."

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